Registration (3)

How do I Create an Account?

OK, so you want to sign up for the Hawk and Owl Trust Forum; what next?

To start, click on the Signup tab in the main menu.

The ‘Create an Account’ form opens. Fill in the fields as directed on screen.


To help we have identified each field.

  1. Username – is your REAL name, i.e. Peter Smith, Susan Williams, etc. Only the web site Admin & Moderators can see this information. It would be greatly appreciated if you could input your real first and last names as this helps us exclude fake/spam based registrations
    Note | If you use the same name for the username, display name, first or last name and nickname you are very likely to be considered a spammer and blocked from the site.
  2. Email Address – your email address (where we can contact you).
  3. Choose a Password – Make a note of your password and keep it safe
  4. Security Question – Anti-Spam Sign Up Deterent
  5. Profile Details – this is your on screen nickname visible to everyone using the site
  6. Complete Sign Up – click to finish the process

A web site Administrator will receive and review your request to join the Forum. All account requests are vetted for spammers. There may be a short delay before processing your submission.

Successful registrants will receive an email from us to confirm membership.

Why has the Registration Process Changed Aug 2013?

All discussion forums that allow public user registration suffer from Spam Attacks. The Hawk and Owl Trust Forum site is no exception.

We deploy a number of anti-spam measures to deter spammers from clogging up the discussion areas with off-topic content. Much of the automated spam traffic is defeated by the software counter-measures we employ.

However, determined human spammers still manage to find and register with the Forum and often add unwanted content. The frequency of these human-level attacks has increased of late and more admin time has had to be devoted to the removal of spammers and their spurious comments and links.

We have now added an additional layer of protection in the form of Administrator Approval for all new registrants.

Sign up as usual and fill in all the relevant fields in the registration form. Submit the form to us. We will be notified that you wish to join the forum and that you are seeking approval of your registration by us.

You will NOT be able to post comments, join in conversations, join Groups or upload images until your application to join the Forum has been approved.

Once we has assessed your registration request as genuine you will be sent an activation/confirmation email. Simply click on the link that the email contains and you will be fully registered and able to join in with your fellow members.

Spammers will have their requests to join denied.

We are disappointed that this additional layer of security is needed but I’m sure all legitimate users will welcome the absence of non-forum topic material.

This will not affect all those that are already members of the Forum.

My Registration Has Been Denied…Why Is That?

Due to the high level of Spam Registration on the Forum site we installed additional anti-spam processes to deter such activity.

This has been very successful with no infiltrations since August 2013 when we tightened the registration procedure.

However, there may be occasions where legitimate new members of the forum have received a ‘denial of registration’ email after going through the joining sequence. We apologise If this has happened to you and request that you get in contact directly in such instances – webmaster@forum.hawkandowl.org – so that you may provide additional proof of your bona fides.

While our anti-spam software does a very good job of ‘guarding the gates’ it can sometime misinterpret a genuine application as fraudulent.

Thank you for bearing with us.

Log In Problems (1)

My Username & Password Won’t Work

The forum software has been tested extensively on all browsers across Windows and Apple devices without a problem.

There should be no issues about location, type of computer or flavour of browser.

However, if you’re having problems, here are a couple of things you might try.

  1. Many modern web sites do not run well on a combination of Windows XP and IE8 (or lower). Download and install Chrome or Firefox and it should all work OK.
  2. Check your username & password are being typed in correctly.
  3. Finally, check what the url is in the top of the browser.
    We built an interim version of the forum at this address – www.forum.hawkandowl.org.uk – which we used for a short period while we transferred domain names from one ISP to another.
    We then moved the web site to its final home at www.forum.hawkandowl.org | Note the discontinued url address has a .org.uk suffix.
    You may be trying to login to the .org.uk address – which can produce a failed entry. Make sure you’re here: www.forum.hawkandowl.org and try logging in again.
    That should solve your problem.

Posting (2)

My Posts Don’t Appear Even Though I’ve Registered

This Forum site runs a number of anti-spam protocols to prevent the registration of spurious users who wish to use the site to propagate spam.

We manage to successfully repel several hundred spam attacks per week. However, on occasion some legitimate users may have had their accounts blocked because the anti-spam software has analysed your sign-up data and concluded that it meets the spam user criteria in operation.

If you believe that you have been blocked from posting comments in error you may email the webmaster to request a review of your status.

Note | The anti-spam software will often block access when the user gives minimal information during the sign up process. Using one name for the username, nickname, first or last names and display name in conjunction with a generic web based email service (gmail, Hotmail, etc.) often triggers the anti-spam filter. Choosing and using an image avatar is always recommended.

Why Can’t I Create a New Group?

New Group creation is restricted to Administrators.

Get in touch – webmaster@forum.hawkandowl.org – with your suggestion for additional Groups.