Further Updates to Forum Web Site

Mobile First

Following on from the major update to the Forum web site announced on 7 January 2014 we have now implemented an additional change to match the newly rolled out ‘family’ look first installed on the Urban Peregrine Projects and Hawk and Owl Shop sites.

The software underpinning the new look is ‘mobile-first’ in its deployment. In other words it places most emphasis on providing an excellent viewing experience for tablet and smartphone users.

As ever, there may be the odd ‘gremlin’ that needs sorting. Please report any anomalies if you find the.

You can contact me within the site once logged in, or via my direct email:webmaster@forum.hawkandowl.org



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  1. Please could you update us on the availability of the cameras on the Norwich peregrine site? I think there was a suggestion that the live feed one was being replaced, and meanwhile we had a live feed from the overhead camera.
    As this has now closed down, can you let us know what and when a new live feed will be available?

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