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NEW for 2015


Our webcam teams (technical sponsors and volunteers) having been working on an enhanced service for 2015 over the winter ‘off season’.

New High Quality, Widescreen Cameras with Sound have been installed at Norwich Cathedral Spire allowing us to provide our best ever quality webcam streams to viewers around the world. Our technical partners, iCode, have managed to establish a single hybrid video stream that plays on all platforms, from desktops and laptops (Apple & Windows), android smartphones and tablets & iPads and iPhones.

Update 05.02.15 – The St Johns Church, Bath webcam is available right from the start of this season. The webcam feed has just been updated to a single hybrid stream serving all viewing devices. When funds allow we hope to upgrade the Bath webcams to the same HQ Widescreen specification as those used in Norwich.

This video is streamed live by iCatcher software, thanks to generous support from iCode Systems

We Need Your Help

support_lnkOur Live Peregrine Web Cam Feed has proved more popular than ever with a large on-line audience watching the fortunes of our Norwich Cathedral Peregrines and their chicks. We stream it into schools to help children to learn the wonders of nature and to 100,000’s of people across the planet!

However, bandwidth is expensive and we need all the financial assistance we can to help offset expenses which are a drain on our funds.

Can you help? If you have enjoyed watching the Norwich peregrines, any donation – no matter how small – will help us to continue to bring this urban peregrine adventure to yours and many thousands of other screens. This in turns raises the profile of the magnificent bird helping to secure a safe future for it and other birds of prey.

Click the link above today. Thank you.